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Nepal's Culture is Greatly Influenced by its Music, Architecture, Religion and Literature. Your first sight of Nepal may leave you Speechless, the great quantities of Temples, Churches, Monasteries and Other Religious Buildings, the hurly - burly in the streets and the number of people and animals socializing on every corner of the narrow cobble - stone lanes. Nepal has many customs and beliefs that might be difficult to understand and not so easy to obey but this is the way of life to them and you should respect it when you are in their territory.
Around 80% area of Nepal is mountainous and covers an area of 147,181 sq km. The only flat land in Nepal is Terai, at the height of 100 meters above sea level. And most people prefer to live in the lowlands where agriculture is possible.
Nepal is the most famous tourist destination for adventure sports and adventure tours in Asia with adventure sports like white water rafting, kayaking, mountain biking etc. Tourism is the largest industry in Nepal. The topography of this Himalayan Kingdom makes it the first choice for adventure tours. Nepal is home to Mountain Everest, the Highest Mountain peak in the World at the height of 8848 meters and Kanchenjunga, the third Highest Mountain peak in the World. The thrill of climbing the highest peak in the world attracts number of climbers from all over the world to Nepal. Besides mountaineering, large numbers of tourists visit Nepal every year for religious & cultural tours as Nepal has number of highly revered temples of both Hindus and Buddhists.